Corporate Profile

The SEA (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali) Group manages the Milan airport system, based on a forty-year agreement signed in 2001 with ENAC, which renewed the previous concession of May 7, 1962.

The parent company SEA SpA is a joint-stock company, incorporated and registered in Italy. 

Key facts

Foundation of SEA: May 22, 1948
Registered office:                                                                     Milan Linate Airport – 20090 Segrate (MI)
Milan Company Registration Office No.:             00826040156
Share capital:                                                                 Euro 27,500,000
Number of Group employees in 2013:                               4,986
Total revenues:                                                                  Euro 724.1 million
Net Profit:                                                                           Euro 33.7 million
Passengers:                                                                        26.8 million
Aircraft movements:                                                           251.8 thousand
Cargo:                                                        436.1 thousand (tonnes)

SEA and the Group companies manage and develop the airports of Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate, guaranteeing all services and related activities, such as the landing and take-off of aircraft, the management of airport security, the passenger and cargo handling services and the continued development of commercial services and passengers, operators and visitors through a wide and differentiated offer.

The SEA Group also produces electricity and thermal energy for sale on the external market, in addition to covering the needs of its airports.

The airport system managed by the SEA Group includes:

  • Milano Malpensa 1, dedicated to business and leisure customers on domestic, international and inter-continental routes, with specific airline and charter areas;
  • Milano Malpensa 2, dedicated to high-end low cost traffic;
  • Milano Malpensa Cargo, a cargo transport support infrastructure, facilitating the movement of over 500 thousand tonnes of cargo annually;
  • Milan Linate, serving a frequent-flyer client base on major national and EU routes.