Mission and Values


The mission of the SEA Group is to create value for all parties directly involved in Group activities: shareholders, customers and employees. This is achieved through providing services and solutions which serve the growing demands of the market, ranging from passengers to airlines, airport operators and the commercial partners at Malpensa and Linate airports.

The airport infrastructures managed by SEA ensure air access to the major international destinations for a large number of users and are located in one of the most developed catchment areas in Europe - providing a key hub for economic growth in the North Italy region as a whole. 

The services provided by the SEA Group are guaranteed by the management and development of secure and cutting-edge infrastructure, placing a central focus on the development of the host community and environmental protection.


SEA’s activities are carried out in strict compliance with law, in line with fair competition practices and respect the legitimate interests of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, institutions and the general public. Due to the complexity of the situations in which SEA operates, all conduct on behalf of the company must consistently be in line with the following values, as set out in the company’s Ethics code:


Combining compliance with law and regulations – where such are not present or insufficient – with practices based on a code of personal responsibility.


Ensuring company representatives access to the necessary information to correctly carry out and guarantee the transparency of their behaviour on the market and within the company.


Undertaking decisions and managing processes based on evaluations founded upon objective and verifiable data.


Favouring the pursuit of synergies and common paths, both within the corporate world and in relations with external stakeholders, through ongoing and constructive forms of dialogue.


Applying equality of treatment at similar conditions, considering fairness as a central principle of the decision making process system.

Professional thoroughness

Reacting to changes and relating each process to sustainable development, cultivating excellence among personnel and improving the value generated by them in relations with the stakeholders.