Aviation Business Performance

Operating revenues related to Business Aviation (airport fees and tariffs for management of centralised infrastructures, security services and tariffs for use of regulated areas) reported by SEA in 2014 totalled Euro 393.7 million (+8.1% compared to the previous year), totalling 57.5% of the Group's total revenues.

This performance was influenced by the increase in airport fees resulting from the Program Contract and the "donation of assets" item, related to a building built by the De Montis company and donated to SEA following a commercial agreement. The majority of Aviation revenues concerns income from fees and centralised infrastructure, which in 2014 comprised 81.0% of the total, followed by security service fees (12.5%) and those for the use of regulated spaces (4.6%).

Portion of revenues from Aviation activities

Aviation operating revenues (thousands of Euro) 393,736 364,305
Aviation revenues (% of total revenues) 57.5 56.4
Other revenues (% of total revenues) 42.5 43.6

Source: SEA

Type of revenues from Aviation activities

 20142013 restated
(thousands of Euro)
% of 2014 total
Aviation Revenues
Fees and centralised infrastructure 318,825 296,194 81.0
Use of regulated spaces 18,225 17,151 4.6
Security 49,207 46,160 12.5
Free transfer of assets 7,479 4,800 1.9
Total 393,736 364,305 100

Source: SEA