The energy management system

The extensive experience matured since 1998 with the incorporation of SEA Energia and its co-generation (re-generation) plant has seen the formal consolidation in October 2013 of the Energy Management System of SEA and its ISO 50001 certification by CertiQuality.

The management of SEA Group energy consumption is based on the following principles: 

  • energy must be produced in respect and protection of the environment;
  • the reduction of the environmental impact and the improvement of the environmental specifications are among the criteria which contribute to the establishment of the business strategies, and also on infrastructural development;
  • the awareness of employees, partners, suppliers, contractors and stakeholders on the environmental impacts of their activities is a central concern for the improvement of the environmental performance at both airports. 

The System provides for the setting up of the Energy Team and, for the integrated management of the more specific-technical aspects, a Technical Group (also with the involvement of a SEA Energia representative), involving all departments most directly involved in the various aspects, from design to implementation, to maintenance, in addition to the Environment Management structure, ensuring the necessary collective vision in terms of processes and therefore the identification of the best actions to be taken.