The environmental management system

The SEA Group guarantees an ongoing and structured commitment to increase the efficacy and efficiency of an eco-compatible management of environmental issues. All company personnel are continuously informed upon environmental protection as a distinguishing feature of the SEA Group, through the adoption also of an environmental management system certified according to the ISO14001 regulation adopted by SEA and SEA Energia. The related procedures and operating instructions ensure the monitoring and optimisation of the environmental implications related to the various activities and the establishment of the best conditions for the prevention and, if necessary, the handling of any environmental emergencies. 

SEA Energia, in addition to possessing an ISO14001 certified environmental management system, is EMAS registered according to Regulation (EC) No. 761 of 2001, in order to control, monitor and manage its environmental aspects and impacts and to promote the “continual improvement” of the environmental characteristics, also ahead of changes to limits under applicable law.