Human Resources

The main issue of 2014 related to Human Resources was a reorganisation of the Group's handling sector.

Specifically, following the European Commission's decision, the contribution of Human Resources to the definition of a new corporate structure in terms of handling concentrated on:

  • Rightsizing of staff aimed at safeguarding employment: the correct size of the Airport Handling staff, guaranteeing the economic-financial sustainability of the start-up company resulted in an excess of personnel.
    The identified solution is particularly complex and involves implementation of various programs including:
    • requalification process of personnel to cover the needs of the new staff at the Parent Company (security services). To this end a requalification program was devised and started for 141 employees coming from handling jobs, of which around 100 to the new "security employee" profession with certification as Security Guard,
    • procedure for voluntary mobility scheme with incentive to leave. The plan involves 408 people between SEA and SEA Handling in the June-December 2014 period;
  • Dialogue with trade unions;
  • Communication to personnel on the Intranet platform with preparation of a SEIinSEA section expressly dedicated to the SEA Handling issue which includes notes, articles and comments;
  • Execution of the defined actions which, in the period from September 2014 to December 2014, included the dismissal and relative hiring of 1,744 people in the Airport Handling start up.

Despite this critical scenario, professional development, training and hiring activities continued, in line with what was performed the previous year.